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Iowa Quality Rating System


Iowa's Quality Rating System (QRS) is a voluntary child care rating system for child development homes, licensed child care centers and preschools, and Child care programs that are operated by school districts.


The QRS was developed:

  • to raise the quality of child care in Iowa

  • to increase the number of children in high-quality child care settings

  • to educate parents about quality in child care


There are five levels in the QRS.  For a program to be rated at:

     Level 1:  all the Level 1 criteria must be met. 

     Level 2:  all the Level 1 and Level 2 criteria must be met. 

     Levels 3-5:  all the Level 1 and Level 2 criteria must be met, and then the program must earn a minimum of one point in each of the Level 3-5 categories.  For levels 3-5, the level is determined by the total number of points earned. 


To get a more detailed description, and to see the actual requirements, download the QRS PDF here.

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